Maran Raclette in 3-star-Michelin restaurant

Posted on 2022-12-07
Alp Maran

Walter Niklaus and his crew on Alp Maran can be very proud. Star cook Grant Achatz of Alinea, a Restaurant with 3 Michelin stars and in San Pelegrino's List of "The 50 best Restaurants in the World", ordered Maran Raclette at "Raclette Corner" of our friend Sonja Hoffmann. And in his words the crazy creative chef tells what he does with it: "We use the Maran Raclette in a sweet and salty dish!"

Apple pie and cheese are a stable in the US Midwest. The dish is an homage to Tarte Tatin, oak and fire are a part in the cold times of the year. The caramel coated apple spiral is put on oak twigs and then grilled, the leaves are burnt as well and add a smoky flavor. The apple skewer is put in a bowl with a pecan cream and spice crumbs. Then the Raclette cheese is poured over at the table. Bon Appetit!

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