Day 6: A showcase dairy, a guest, and the wizard

Posted on July 28, 2021
Winners' Trip
Once again, the weather does not cooperate: low-hanging clouds covered the Säntis peak, and without a clear sky there was no reason to take the cable car to the top. Hence we started the day with the visit to the showcase dairy Schwägalp. First, we met Marco Bolt, the president of the Alpkäse-Committee, who had agreed to join us for the last day of the trip. Werner Näf, the director of the dairy,

Day 5: A real tough test

Posted on July 27, 2021
Winners' Trip
We were really looking forward to this day: Visiting Charetalp, the Betschart family, with their goats and - yes - a 1000 sheep. However, the day did not start well. After an excellent breakfast at Hotel Engel in Emmetten, we drove to Bisisthal, or better, we tried to. Because of the heavy rainfall over weeks, the situation in Switzerland was dire. Most lakes flooded their shores, mud- and rocksli

Day 4: Canton Ticino - we speak Italian

Posted on July 25, 2021
Winners' Trip
Switzerland has 4 official languages: (Swiss-)German, French, Italian, and Romantsch. The first two we have experienced. On Thursday, the 4th of the winner's trip, we visit the regions of the other two: the canton Ticino, where Rich and Mark learn to know Alpe Carì and "Salumiere" Fausto Piccoli. On the way back through the Gotthard massive we take a little detour to the special culture and archit

Day 3: Triple B-Day

Posted on July 25, 2021
Winners' Trip
No, we're not referring to Bastille-Day, the French National Day. We have a Triple-B-Day of our own. 1. B: It's Rich Cooper's birthday! In our video, that summarizes Wednesday's action, you will see that he gets a very special birthday kiss. 2. B: The weather is still not co-operating. Everywhere we can see the saturated soils from the - partly heavy - rains of the previous weeks. Our first stop i

Day 2: Tompey and Satteleggli

Posted on July 24, 2021
Winners' Trip
For Rich and Mark it's a moment of utter surprise: Just beside the crackling fire under the copper cauldron lies baby Emy, born on January 30, 2021, peacefully sucking on his pacifier. The curd is heated over the fire, and her parents and a helper are busy with their daily task to produce Alpage L'Étivaz AOP in this small room that serves as a dairy and kitchen as well. It's transhumance in its tr

Day 1: The capital and Les Gruyères

Posted on July 18, 2021
Winners' Trip
There was relatively light traffic on the A1 Highway from Zurich Airport to Switzerland's capital Berne. But it was the first glimpse of the Swiss "Mittelland" (low land) for our guests, the winners of the Adopt-an-Alp program 2019, Covid-delayed for a year: Rich Cooper, owner of the "State St. Fruit Store" in Northampton and "Cooper's Corner" in Florence, western Massachusetts. And Mark Sutherla

Animals show their love

Posted on July 10, 2021
Alp Rainhütten
The animals are the stars on Alp Rainhütten, they are part of the Hollenstein family who treat the cows and goats with the greatest respect. And the animals return the love. Just watch how Martina Gisel is kissed by cows. Theresia Hollenstein is hugged by a goat. And two cows smooch with each other. Heavy thunderstorms have visited large parts of Switzerland, and Rainhütten got a lot of rain, too.

The first cut

Posted on July 05, 2021
Alp Bleiki
It's always a special moment when you cut into the first wheel of the Alp season. After roughly two months those wheels are still very young. However, a taste will reveal their potential. Over the weekend, the ceremonial first cut happened on Alp Bleiki.

A day on Musenalp

Posted on July 05, 2021
Alp Musenalp
Sepp and Andrea Herger-Gysin are a young, but nevertheless completely dedicated couple in regard of farming and transhumance. Their love for the animals is noticeable, Sepp is also a goat breeder. "I think our animals have a great live", says Andrea, "we really spoil them. But that's ok." Musenalp is a basin in altitude, surrounded on three sites from impressive mountains. That means that a lot of

With 5 kids there's never a dull moment

Posted on July 04, 2021
Alp Äbnistetten
Located at only 3,800 feet, Alp Äbnistetten has usually one of the earliest starts to transhumance. It was a bit later this year, however the Theiler-Steger family has spent already several weeks in their chalet. They moved up on May 25 (watch video). Everything is going fine, that's for sure the good part. And, of course, with five kids around there's always something going on. There's never a du
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