Renovation of the dairy

Posted on May 11, 2022
Alp Musenalp
The dairy on Musenalp only had a small cauldron. Therefore Andrea Herger had to make cheese twice a day. The decision was made to refurbish the dairy and put a larger cauldron in, so all milk could be worked into cheese in one take. That's a big help for Andrea who now also has to care for the family's baby girl. The new dairy will be ready once the summer on the Alp begins.

What a beautiful day

Posted on May 11, 2022
Alp Botchenalp
The animal welfare is the core of the philosophy for the Amacher family (operators on Botchenalp). They follow the strictest and highest governmental and organic farming requirements: Located above Brienz their cows enjoy different meadows during their time outside of summer. And they have a huge open barn (Laufstall) where the animals can move freely. With horned cows this would include a risk of

There's never a dull moment

Posted on May 08, 2022
Alp Braunwald
Transhumance with the move of the animals has yet to begin in Switzerland. But the arrival of spring in higher altitudes has allowed the animals to enjoy their meadows at their winter home for the first time. In Braunwald (elevation over 4100 ft), the goats were the first to enjoy a run on the pastures on Sunday, on Monday, May 9, the cows were allowed to go out, too. Before the animals can move t

Serving the Swiss Guard

Posted on May 06, 2022
Alp Bleiki
On May 6, 1527, Karl V. of Habsburg ransacked Rome, the Eternal City. On that occasion his troups also attacked the Vatican that was defended by Swiss Guard. Outnumbered by a great margin the guards had no chance, and only 42 of 189 survived. However, they managed to bring Pope Klemens VII. through a secret tunnel to safety. To honor the historic event, new recruits of the Swiss Guard are traditio

Get your Cheddar from the Alp

Posted on May 04, 2022
Chris Leuthold is a seasoned cheesemaker and... world traveler. The former director of the "Lenk Milch AG" has made cheese in New Zealand (Adopt-an-Alp visited the dairy in 2016), and in Norway where he discovered his love for "Farmhouse Cheddar". Since he is a very meticulous person he wanted to do it right: So in a time span of 7 years he went several times to England to small production Cheddar

Babysitter of another kind

Posted on May 03, 2022
Alp Musenalp
Baby Julia, born on December 30, 2021, gets a lot of attention, not only from her parents Sepp and Andrea Herger. Sometimes, there's the odd babysitter.

The beauty of spring

Posted on May 01, 2022
Alp Braunwald
Crocuses - as far as the eye can see. Spring has reached Braunwald.

5 medals for the Musenalp goats

Posted on April 16, 2022
Sepp and Andrea Herger not only operate Alp Musenalp, they are also very successful goat breeders. During a recent show they won 1 gold, and 2 each of silver and bronze medals.

Caroline live on 5th Switzerland

Posted on April 14, 2022
Caroline was a guest on Valerie Natal's podcast "5th Switzerland". You can follow the interview in any of the links below. Spotify 5th Switzerland 5th Switzerland

Fresh grass - the real deal

Posted on April 13, 2022
Alp Imbrig
It took until mid-April in Zäziwil in the Emmental valley - where the Jordi family spend their time around transhumance - for the meadows to get ready for the cows. It's always a special day when the animals can leave the barn and enjoy the real deal: fresh grass.
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