Today is the day: A 100 Adopt-an-Alp customers

Posted on August 18, 2021
For us it is historic: Today, on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 we have reached the total of 100 customers that adopt an Alp. It's a new record (old one was 95 in 2019), and an impressive number considering Covid-19 is still affecting a lot of stores and restaurants. Adopt-an-Alp thanks everybody who has in some way supported the program. It is also a hommage to the quality of Alp cheese.

Every birthday cake is special

Posted on August 18, 2021
Alp Satteleggli
With such a big family there are often birthdays to celebrate. Ernst Reichenbach just turned 60, and as you can see he struggles with multitasking: blowing out the candles and feeding baby Lea. And, the Reichenbachs don't go and buy a birthday cake in the store. No, every single one is special. Ernst, for instance, seems to like pineapples. And look at the cool locomotive.

The beautiful cows on Alp Braunwald

Posted on August 17, 2021
Alp Braunwald
It's always impressive when you see those strong and healthy cows in their Alp environment. Just look at the beautiful cows on Alp Braunwald.

Never give an Alp farmer a gym membership

Posted on August 17, 2021
Alp Laui
It will never be on their wish list anyway, and you really shouldn't give an Alp farmer a gym membership as a gift. There's more than enough physical burden on the Alps. And don't forget the thin air up there. Just watch Wisel Fassbind after haying on Alp Laui.

Moving back from the Oberstafel

Posted on August 17, 2021
Alp Heuboden
You see them more and more on the Alps: the little self-service stores where the farmers offer their products. And there's now one on Alp Heuboden. The "Lädeli" (literally "little store") has curtains, and that is for a reason. "The curtains protect from the intense morning sun", says Annelies Tschudi. "Without them the cheese would become raclette despite refrigeration." The Tschudis had moved t

Summer day in the Jura range

Posted on August 14, 2021
Alpe Givrine
It has been a wet summer in Switzerland with record amounts of rain in July since the beginning of measuring. But in August the real summer made a visit, too: On Alpe Givrine along the Jura mountain range, the cows enjoyed the sunny days. One can look forward to a Gruyère AOP with great quality.

Family party on Satteleggli

Posted on August 14, 2021
Alp Satteleggli
It's a big family, the Reichenbach's on Alp Satteleggli. And as it is a tradition they met for the family gathering on Saturday, August 14. Besides their children, Ernst and Theres also welcomed their grandchildren, 7 by now. And numbers 8 and 9 are expected this month! The grandchildren enjoy Satteleggli, and they help wherever they can. And for some it's just a totally new experience: Like for N

Busy days on Botchenalp

Posted on August 14, 2021
Alp Botchenalp
Exactly a month ago we visited Botchenalp with our Adopt-an-Alp winners Mark Sutherland and Rich Cooper. It was a great experience, we just wish the weather had been like in the pictures: Sunshine instead of the rain in July. Dog Joy is enjoying the weather, too. She as well is busy and runs tirelessly on the meadows in the midst of the cows. Xander Amacher still has very busy days. There's a lot

Rainbow over the Laui Alp prayer

Posted on August 07, 2021
Alp Laui
"Alpsegen" (Alp prayer) is as old as transhumance. Every evening the farmers do their recitative or speech song and pray to their patron gods. They use a wooden or tinny milk funnel as a megaphone. Alois "Wisel" Fassbind is no exceptions. On this Saturday his prayer went out into a stunning environment with a rainbow as powerfull as Wisel's words.

The cellar on Maran is full

Posted on August 06, 2021
Alp Maran
"I think from Monday on I take off, the cellar is full!" Of course, cheesemaker Walter Niklaus was joking, he's not going to take days off. But he's accurate that the cellars on the dairy Maran are full, there's hardly any space left. It's time to sell now!
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