What we're all about

Adopt-an-Alp is guided towards everyone who loves cheese - the makers, sellers, and consumers. The participants have access to seasonally made, hand crafted, smallest production Alp cheeses. They also are in contact with and learn about the people and animals that make it possible for us to enjoy these precious cheeses.

Why Adopt an Alp?

Thanks to Adopt-an-alp American cheese lovers have access to truly rare cheeses made during summers only on Swiss mountains, the Alp cheeses. They also get a glimpse into the everyday lives of the animals that contribute the milk and the farmers who craft these unique cheeses. This connection leads to a mutual respect and the realization that we all need to work together in order to be able continuing to enjoy Alp cheese.

How can I Adopt an Alp?

Adopting an Alp is easy. Choose your favorite Alp(s) - you can read up on each one on the website, check out the "Who is Who" spreadsheet if you prefer the quick way, or contact us to find the Alp that suits you best. With picking your Alp we make sure you are the only one in your geographical region to represent its cheeses, and you tell us how many wheels you want to receive in the Fall. That's it.

The fun stuff!

There's some fun and informational action going on between the moment you have chosen your Alp and the one when you are receiving your cheese. Our Facebook and Instagram allow you to follow and stay connected to your Alp, family, herd and cheese. This gives you the opportunity to educate your clientele - or for the end consumers: the ones you will be sharing your wheel with -, build an understanding for this very special type of cheese and create contagious curiosity.

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What is transhumance

Transhumance is the practice of moving animals and people from one grazing ground to another in a seasonal cycle, typically to lowlands in the winter and highlands in the summer. It serves many purposes both nature and community wise, and its ultimate perk are the fabulous Alpage cheeses it lets us enjoy year after year.

The impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has made Adopt-an-Alp more meaningful than ever before. Sustainability, integrity, traceability and animal welfare is what people demand when it comes to food. Alp Cheeses fulfill all these desires and needs. Supporting “Älplers” and keeping transhumance alive is an essential task of the after COVID era.

The summer of 2023

This year customers can choose from 27 different Alps. All of them are seasoned Adopt-an-Alp participants. They have proven to be able to fulfill our requirements of quality and communication skills. We have Alps in all of the 14 Swiss cantons that do transhumance. So you get the whole spectrum of traditions, rituals, and specialties.

The Adopt-an-Alp map

Switzerland is a small country with an area just short of 16,000 sq miles and about 8.8 mio. people. And, of course, a lot of mountains. Our Adopt-an-Alp map will help you locate the various operations and give you additional info besides the Alp profiles and the fact loaded spread sheet “Who-is-Who”.

Get educated

Our website is packed with helpful and educational information around transhumance, Alpage, transhumance and everything related. Read the articles on specific subjects like traditions, milk, AOP cheeses, etc. as well as scientific studies of different subjects to educate yourself and get a broader insight.

The parade of our customers

14 customers supported Adopt-an-Alp in its inaugural year 2013. This has changed a lot, and the amount increased almost exponentially. In the last years, the ones with the pandemic included, almost a total of 100 stores, restaurants, clubs, etc. joined the program. Check the current parade of clients.


These days, sustainability, integrity, traceability and animal welfare is what people demand when it comes to food . Alp Cheeses fulfill all these requirements, desires and needs. Supporting “Älplers” and keeping transhumance alive is an essential task - especially after the COVID pandemic
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