What a beautiful day

Posted on 2022-05-11
Alp Botchenalp

The animal welfare is the core of the philosophy for the Amacher family (operators on Botchenalp). They follow the strictest and highest governmental and organic farming requirements: Located above Brienz their cows enjoy different meadows during their time outside of summer. And they have a huge open barn (Laufstall) where the animals can move freely. With horned cows this would include a risk of injury, "but the Swiss Fleckvieh have genetically no horns", says Xander Amacher. Swiss Fleckvieh is a relatively young breed, a cross of Holstein bulls with Simmental cows.

Just look at the pictures - these must be really happy animals.

Resting with a beautiful view of Lake Brienz
Son Ueli Amacher brings the cows back to the open barn
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