There's never a dull moment

Posted on 2022-05-08
Alp Braunwald

Transhumance with the move of the animals has yet to begin in Switzerland. But the arrival of spring in higher altitudes has allowed the animals to enjoy their meadows at their winter home for the first time. In Braunwald (elevation over 4100 ft), the goats were the first to enjoy a run on the pastures on Sunday, on Monday, May 9, the cows were allowed to go out, too.

Before the animals can move to their summer pastures, there's a lot to do up there. Snow and winter storms have left a lot of debris. To remove the stones and wood is hard and cumbersome work, even with the help of machinery.

The goats enjoy their first time outside
The cows followed the next day
What winter left on the meadows
Cleaning up is hard and cumbersome work
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