"The most beautiful place on Earth"

Posted on July 06, 2022
Alp Satteleggli

It's a big family, the Reichenbachs, owners and operators on Alp Satteleggli. The birth of grandchild number 12 (Lilly) was just celebrated. And, of course, the kids are always welcomed on the Alp, and they enjoy their time on the pristine meadows. Just recently, granddaughter Irina (8) told an acquaintance: "You have to drive over a very bumpy road, but at the end you reach the most beautiful place on earth!"

And the children always help, no matter their age. And grandparents Theres and Ernst have the patience to let them help. Just look at the pictures.

Of course, the food is another reason to like it on Satteleggli. David always enjoys the meringues with whipped cream. It's his favorite.

Number 12, Lilly and the big brother
One being happy in the cradle
or two
Irina knows where the "most beautiful place on earth" is
The little helpers...
The work is worth it: David and his beloved meringue with cream
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