Serving the Swiss Guard

Posted on 2022-05-06
Alp Bleiki

On May 6, 1527, Karl V. of Habsburg ransacked Rome, the Eternal City. On that occasion his troups also attacked the Vatican that was defended by Swiss Guard. Outnumbered by a great margin the guards had no chance, and only 42 of 189 survived. However, they managed to bring Pope Klemens VII. through a secret tunnel to safety.

To honor the historic event, new recruits of the Swiss Guard are traditionally sworn in on May 6. This year, the host was the canton Nidwalden where Alp Bleiki is located. So Agnes Barmettler and 2 daughters went to Rome and served Bratkäse, the central Swiss version of Raclette, at the festivities. "It was very special", said Agnes.

Preparing the Bratkäse at the Vatican
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