Planning and cooking for a week

Posted on 2022-08-01
Alp Heuboden

The Oberstafel on Alp Heuboden, the highest pastures, can only be reached by foot, which is a logistical nightmare. Especially when around 10 people have to be fed every day. And provisions have to be brought up by helicopter.

This requires a lot of planning, ...and cooking. Since Fritz and Anna Tschudi have given the reigns to their son Peter, it's his wife Annelies that is in charge. So she has to buy food and cook meals for a whole week. On Tuesdays everything is packed and made ready for the chopper that brings the goodies the next day to the Oberstafel. On return the help transports the wheels of cheeses down to the chalet where they then are brought to the Glarona Cellars per car.

The menu for the week (left) and the shopping list
And then cooking for a weeks need
The fridge is full
The ingredients
Packing up on Tuesdays
Ready for the helicopter
Up we go on Wednesdays
and bringing back the wheels of Glarner Alpkäse AOP
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