“My horns are growing”

Posted on September 02, 2020
Alp Satteleggli

“Do you recognize me? Yes, it’s me, your Petit Suisse. I’ve grown quite a bit, and so did my horns. Aren’t they beautiful? Pretty soon I will get another ‘wooden yoke’ to make sure they grow in style.
Since the flies don’t bother us that much anymore, my friends and I are able to stay outside during the day as well. We really enjoy that. The cows have already moved to the Unterstaffel Eigen, we calves, however, can stay on Satteleggli until next week. I really enjoy these last days, and it also makes me a little sad: Because next year I will spend the summer on a different Alp, luckily my friend Princess will be joining me. But it’s not a farewell forever – once I’m a real mother cow I will be coming back to Satteleggli.
With lots of love, your Petit Suisse!”

Those horns❤️❤️❤️
My friend Princess
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