Moving back from the Oberstafel

Posted on 2021-08-17
Alp Heuboden

You see them more and more on the Alps: the little self-service stores where the farmers offer their products. And there's now one on Alp Heuboden. The "Lädeli" (literally "little store") has curtains, and that is for a reason. "The curtains protect from the intense morning sun", says Annelies Tschudi. "Without them the cheese would become raclette despite refrigeration."

The Tschudis had moved to Heuboden two weeks later than usual, due to the weather. And now it's back to the chalet and dairy on 4000 ft. On Wednesday the cows marched down. The pigs will follow on Thursday. And then the helicopter will transport equipment and cheese from the Oberstafel which can only be reached by foot.

The rainy weather throughout most of the summer has also its effect on the cheese: The cows gave less milk, so the production of Glarner Alpkäse AOP from Heuboden will be smaller this year.

The cows arrive at the lower chalet
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