Get your Cheddar from the Alp

Posted on 2022-05-04

Chris Leuthold is a seasoned cheesemaker and... world traveler. The former director of the "Lenk Milch AG" has made cheese in New Zealand (Adopt-an-Alp visited the dairy in 2016), and in Norway where he discovered his love for "Farmhouse Cheddar". Since he is a very meticulous person he wanted to do it right: So in a time span of 7 years he went several times to England to small production Cheddar farms to learn the secrets.

He is also a consultant for different dairy projects. And when he was told that the operator on Alp Pommeren in the Bernese Alps had lost COOP, one of the two giant Swiss retailers, as a customer, he suggested to use the extra milk to produce Cheddar. The result was so promising that he intends to have Alps in other regions to making Farmhouse Cheddar.

Christian Leuthold - now also a Cheddar master.
Making Farmhouse Cheddar on Alp Pommeren
Cheddar square and...
Cheddar round
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