Fun and togetherness on Musenalp

Posted on September 07, 2021
Alp Musenalp

As transhumance slowly but surely comes to a close, there is some time to have a little bit of fun. Just look at the cool goat on Musenalp. Andrea gets a ride in the mud. And the animals also show some cute togetherness.

Being together
Animal love
Close up with Andrea
"Any questions?"
A different resting place

Of course, the daily tasks are still there. Making cheese or haying the meadows. On the highest pastures, the cows are milked outside, which makes it a bit more difficult.

The highest pastures of Musenalp..
...the milking takes place outside...
...while the sun is setting
High above the sea of fog
Walking back to the chalet
Haying in the steep slopes
The menu: Alpage cow and goat, Mutschli plain and with garlic, goat sausages and cured meat, little soft cheeses.
Andrea at the cauldron
The cleaning station in the cellar.
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