Family party on Satteleggli

Posted on 2021-08-14
Alp Satteleggli

It's a big family, the Reichenbach's on Alp Satteleggli. And as it is a tradition they met for the family gathering on Saturday, August 14. Besides their children, Ernst and Theres also welcomed their grandchildren, 7 by now. And numbers 8 and 9 are expected this month!

The grandchildren enjoy Satteleggli, and they help wherever they can. And for some it's just a totally new experience: Like for Nila who drinks cow milk fresh from the udder for the first time. Benaja brings in the cows and is foraging berries. And tending to the fire is important as well.

Task completed
Irina and David help in the kitchen
Levi enjoys the meadows
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