Church service on the Alp

Posted on 2022-07-17
Alp Fählen

It's not unusual that at least once in the summer there's a church service on the Alp. On Alp Fählen in the Appenzell region this took place on Sunday, July 17. The weather being outstanding a lot of guest listened to the service of Ursula Fröhlich as well to the choir performance of "Öhrlichörli".

In general, transhumance 2022 has been excellent on Fählen. One reason is the new 2 kilometer long water pipe that brings water from the spring on 6000 ft. altitude down to the meadows (4750 ft. asl). Hence the summer in Europe with record temperatures didn't lead to a lack of water like in other places.

Of course, there was the occasional thunderstorm. At the beginning of July severe weather brought lots of debris and gravel down the mountain and completely filled the path and the creek. An excavator had to be used to clean up the mess.

The cheeses are coming along well. In July and average of 55 to 65 lbs of cow milk cheese was produced daily, and about 25 lbs of goat milk cheese every other day.

The excavator works on the water pipeline
Announcement for the church service
During the hot days the cows like to lick salt that's distributed on the rocks.
On Fählenalp hikers can buy cow and goat milk cheeses, butter, yoghurt, and milk.
Happy pigs...
...and chickens
Before the storm, weather changes quickly in the Alps.
The severe thunderstorm filled path and creek with debris and gravel
Farm hand Manuel is milking...
...and bringing the milk to the dairy.
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