An artificial lake on Fontanen

Posted on 2022-07-14
Alp Jänzimatt

Jänzimatt had an excellent start into the Alp summer 2022. On July 14, the Riebli family moved their animals to Fontanen, the highest meadows where they will stay for the next 4 weeks. A heatwave is hanging over Switzerland, and there is no rain the in the near forecast. "Luckily, we built an artificial lake on Fontanen last year", says Heidi Riebli, "hence the cows will have water for an extended dry period."

The Riebli's count on the same couple to operate on Jänzimatt as last year. "This gives Adrian more time, after he's done with cheese making, he often comes down and helps on our home farm", says Heidi.

No rain in sight
On Fontanen - or on top of the world
Adrian above the artificial lake
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