“Alpabfahrt” on Laui

Posted on September 11, 2020
Alp Laui

Also on Alp Laui on the Stoos mountain, the summer has ended. Alois “Wisel” Fassbind and his family hiked down with the cows on a beautiful September day.
Whilst the animals are gone, the chalet – and especially the restaurant – are still open. In the winter, the skiers rest here and taste Wisel’s “Chässchnitte”, an open melted cheese sandwich. The dish is world-famous, as the Coop Newspaper with 250,000 subscriptions wrote in an article recently.

For son Bruno the work in the dairy is over even though the restaurant is still open.
The cows hike down the Stoos mountain.
Wisel and his “Chässchnitte” in the Coop Journal.
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