Airing and prepairing

Posted on May 14, 2021
Alp Musenalp

Later than usual - due to some recent spring snowfall - "Alplers" go up to their operation to prepare for the summer. On Thursday, Sepp and Andrea Herger went up to Musenalp. They finally could open all windows and air the chalet.

Of course, there's much to do to prepare the operation for transhumance. They have to check that the water pipes are not frozen and the boiler can be filled with water. "The boiler is directly connected to the fire we use to heat the cauldron", explains Andrea. "If we would light the fire with an empty boiler, the boiler would explode." Hence if you see smoke rising from the chimney it means the system is ready (watch video clip).

Sepp has to do maintenance on the cable car which is of such importance to Alp Musenalp.

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