Accolades for Adopt-an-Alp farmers

Posted on 2021-10-08

The traditional awards ceremony for "Alpkäse" during the OLMA in St. Gall, the biggest Swiss agricultural exhibition, was a success for many farmers that are part of the Adopt-an-Alp program. Organized by "alpkä", the organization for Alp cheese, our farmers won a total of 5 medals in 5 categories.

Alp Schwägalp (cheesemaker Albin Gräzer) and Alp Gummen (Reto Rüttimann) took the two top places in the category "semihard". Wisel Fassbind (Alp Laui) und Margrit und Rudolf Jordi (Alp Imbrig) took silver and bronze in the "Mutschli" department. And Selina Senti, an apprentice on Alp Maran, won gold with her white mold goat cheese.

The List of winners:

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