A strenuous cheese transport

Posted on October 13, 2020
Alp Fählen

On Alp Fählen the Alpsummer ended on August 28, but Silvia and Sepp Inauen had to go back later. Not just to make the chalet secure for the winter. They needed to get the cheeses to their new cellar in Gontenbad.
That’s easier said than done. Because there is no road access to Fählen. They called upon their workhorse to do the toughest task of the season: 700 kg (over 1500 lbs) had to be transported to where they could load the wheels into a car. It’s an hour down and back up. The horse made the trip 4 times, each with a load of over 130 kg (290 lbs).
But this was not the horse’s end of work. After Silvia drove the car with the cheeses to their home, the horse had to walk another 1 1/2 hours until it could enjoy the rest of the trip in a trailer. Talk of a job well done!

The windows are locked for the winter.
The wheels are ready to go.
Packing the horse – the star of the trip.
Loading the car.
The new aging cellar.
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