A beautiful day and a special visit

Posted on 2021-09-12
Alpe Givrine

In general, it has been a lousy summer in Switzerland. There was a lot of rain, especially in July which will go as the wettest since the start of collecting data. But, of course, there were some wonderful days as well. As the photos show from Alp Givrine (Alpage Gruyère AOP) in the Jura mountains.

Earlier, the Pradervand family and cheesemaker Luc Humbert received some special guests: John Keife and his crew from "Keife & Company" in New Orleans. Read what John had to say after the visit:

"It was a fantastic visit! Monique, Jean-Luc, Luc, and Gabby were all there to receive us and not only gave us an informative tour of the operation but also provided us a wonderful spread complete with the offerings of the dairy as well as local wine and great conversation. They were wonderful hosts. We even had time to do some hiking in the area afterwards based on their recommendation. 

Myself and my team took a lot from that visit which will make the sale of our wheel that much more meaningful."

Sunshine, nothing but sunshine...
and beautiful meadows
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