Alp Tannenboden (SG), new

Owners/Operators: Marco Gadient (President Alpdairy Flumserberg), Edgar Akermann (cheesemaker)

Cheeses Produced: Alpkäse 2021 with Chili, with Garlic, with Pepper

Flumserberg, located above lake "Walensee" and between the cities of Zurich and Chur is one of the most well-known holiday areas in Switzerland. It attracts tourists during all seasons. And on its Alp meadows, transhumance and cheesemaking go centuries back.

But the region is also an example where forces had to be put together in order to be more efficient and to continue the tradition. Hence in 2018, the Alpkäserei Flumserberg was founded, a modern dairy that gets more than half a million liter of milk from 9 different Alps: Bödem, Fursch, Grueb, Heidenberg-Graföen, Matossa-Lauiboden, Molseralp, Palüön, Prod, Tannenboden. A total of 470 cows graze on those pristine meadows throughout the summer. 30% of those are original brown cows and are not dehorned. The highest pastures are located approximately 6600 feet above sea level.

Cheesemaker Edgar Akermann creates Alpkäse, but his specialty is "spicy" Alpage cheeses, he puts either chili, garlic, or pepper into the paste. Alpbutter, yogurt, and whey drinks are produced as well. Besides the store that sells all those delicacies, there's another attraction for tourists. Just aside, in the old Tannenboden dairy, they can make their own cheese - with the help of a seasoned cheesemaker!

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