Alp Imbrig (LU)

Owners/Operators: Martin & Karin Jordi, Ruedi & Margrit Jordi, AaA since 2015

Cheeses Produced: Alpkäse 2020 & 2021, Goat Alpage 2021, Raclette 2021

In 2018 Martin Jordi and his wife Karin took over ownership of Alp Imbrig from his parents Rudolf and Margrit. During the first week of June, the parents will dislocate from their farm in Zaeziwil, Emmental, up to Alp Imbrig in the Entlebuch region (Canton Lucerne). Besides their son, a family friend will again join them, together with their 28 Holstein cows, 30 heifers, 10 calves, and 12 goats. There, on the Schrattenfluh mountain, they will first produce small Mutschli and Raclette, then after a couple of weeks Alpkäse as well.

For this, the fresh milk of the morning is added to the one of the evening before and heated over a wood fire. The cheese cultures are grown by Margrit, who is also in charge of the house, the cooking as well as the restaurant. Rudolf makes and takes care of the cheese. The wheels weigh, depending on the season and amounts of milk, between 13 and 17 pounds.

Alp Imbrig is privately owned and the Jordis take care of it for 13 years. They used to accept the milk of other farmers during the summer but stopped in order to have more control over the milk and produce better cheeses. Their operation might be small and simple, the cheeses that come from it though are top-notch: Alp Imbrig was the clear winner in a raclette contest at Lisa Albanese’s “Cheese Addiction” in Huntington Beach/CA in June 2017.

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