Alp(e) Marais (VS)

Owners/Operators: Société Cooperative d'Anniviers, Manager Nicolas Droux; Martina, Simon, Ludovic (cheesemakers)

Cheeses Produced: Raclette 2021

Alpe Marais is located in the famous Val d’Anniviers, the Raclette's center of the universe. The hut - including the dairy and a popular “buvette” (restaurant) - is situated on 4’500 feet altitude. 

The dairy team receives milk from 100 cows. The main focus lies, no surprise, on the Raclette production. The raw milk wheels from up here are famous and usually sold out before the end of the year. 

Besides the beautiful white cows, also 10 Herens cows enjoy the summer on Alpe Marais. These fighting cows become big and strong throughout the summer and in the fall participate in the cow tournaments famous for the region. Herens cows do not get milked.

The pastures on Marais are steep and rocky, and the cows can graze as high up as 7’500 feet above sea level.

The modern dairy on Marais...
... and aging cellar
Inside the famous "Buvette"...
...and outside
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