Alp Carí (TI)

Owners/Operators: Azienda Agricola Piz Forca, Donald Nessi, Flavia Carobbio (cheesemaker)

Cheeses Produced: Alpeggio (Alpage) 2021, Raclettozzo (Raclette) 2021

Located at close to 6000 feet a.s.l. Alpe Carí above the Leventina Valley in the Italian speaking Canton Ticino can be reached by car. However, you need a good 4×4, and it’s quite an adventurous drive on narrow dirt roads with sharp turns.

Alpe Carí is operated by the “Azienda Agricola Piz Forca” (Farm Peak Fork). The cattle from different owners spend their summer up there. All the cheese that is produced during that time is handled and sold by the operation. At the end of transhumance, all the owners are compensated according to the milk production of their cows. For that reason, three times during the summer the morning and evening production of each cow is measured in order to create an average weight per cow and owner.

Besides dairy products like butter, ricotta, and yogurt, 4 tons (8,800 lbs) of Alpage Carí is produced by Flavia, the very talented cheesemaker on the Alp. For the first time, Adopt-an-Alp customers can order the "Raclettozzo", the raclette version in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. This is an absolute treat.

Carí has a new herdsman in Romano. Flavia also takes also care of the little shop for hikers and bikers that stop by the location. During our visit in the summer of 2019, we enjoyed a wonderful plate of cheese, charcuterie, homemade bread, wine, and cider on the covered terrace.

Besides the cows, you find horses, pigs, a donkey, and chickens on Carí.

In memoriam Mauro Gendotti

Alp(e) Carí was introduced to us in 2019 through Mauro Gendotti, at the time president of the Swiss Alp Committee. The passionate veterinarian and devoted supporter of AaA died unexpectedly in January 2020 at the age of 68.

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