Alp Braunwald (GL)

Owners/Operators: Köbi & Margrit Streiff, AaA since 2020

Cheeses Produced: Alpkäse 2020

Margrit and Köbi Streiff operate 2 of the total 5 “Sennten” on Braunwaldalp, as well as their home farm “Tschudiberg”. Braunwaldalp is located at the very end of the Glarus region. The five owners of the “Sennten” are organized in the “Alp Corporation Braunwald” which is first mentioned in 1856 but is believed to have existed before that.

Before 1998 the “Sennten” were farmed and cultivated from 5 chalets. However, these huts needed immediate renovations. And in order to get subsidized through Canton and Federal Government, a land-use plan had to be created. Since then the Alp is divided in three parts.

The Streiffs own the Alp since 1928 and are now the 4th generation. Until 1997 the milk was put into a centrifuge: the butter was sold, and the skimmed milk fed to the pigs. After 1997 the milk was transported to the valley and sold.

In 2004 the Streiffs were able to lease a neighboring Alp, and as a result, their barn was too small for all the animals. In 2005 the decision was made to build a new barn with a dairy. However, it took until 2008/2009 to finish the project: On June 5, 2009, the cows entered the barn for the first time, and on June 10 the first wheel of cheese was produced in the new facility.

During transhumance, about 50 cows (18 owned by the Streiff family), 50 young cattle, 10 to 12 pigs (to consume the whey), and dog “Fido” live on Braunwaldalp.

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