Adopt an Alp in Switzerland and support transhumance. And be rewarded with healthy Alp cheeses in the fall 2016.
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What the Winners say
Adopt an Alp, but which one? In 2016 we have 20, check them out and get to know the people, animals & cheeses.
Alp Äbnistetten (LU)
Reto & Silvia Theiler-Steger, AaA since 2013
Alpkäse 2016 and 2015, Bratkäse (Raclette)
Berglialp (GL)
Heinrich & Ursi Marti-Kamer, New
Alpkäse 2016 and 2015
Alp Bleiki (NW)
Paul & Agnes Barmettler, AaA since 2013
Alpkäse 2015, Bratkäse (Raclette) 2016, Buochserhorn 2016, Alp Sbrinz 2015 and 2014
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A sunset with a lot of meanings

It was an extraordinary sunset. It was almost as if the disappearing sun wanted to caress you with its deep red long fingers. What a sight, what a feeling! The sunset was fitting. It was our last day on the highest meadows. By now we have changed locations five times. And it’s not done yet….

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Fighting Panaritium with homeopathic methods

Right now we have again some animals suffering from Panaritium or footrot. It’s an inflammation of the hoof caused by bacteria and can be very painful. It’s a syndrome that at some point appears almost every summer.  It happens when the soil is very dry or, on the other hand, very wet. Sometimes the “bug” is…

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A lot of visitors on Imbrig

We have been swarmed by visitors on Alp Imbrig the last weeks. So I enjoy the rain today which gives us a break after a long period of beautiful weather that attracted visitors from everywhere. The last two weeks were really tiring. A four-member family stayed with us and really gave us a hand everywhere….

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