Adopt an Alp in Switzerland and support transhumance. And be rewarded with healthy Alp cheeses in the fall 2016.
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Alp Maran on top
Adopt an Alp, but which one? In 2016 we have 20, check them out and get to know the people, animals & cheeses.
Alp Äbnistetten (LU)
Reto & Silvia Theiler-Steger, AaA since 2013
Alpkäse 2016 and 2015, Bratkäse (Raclette)
Berglialp (GL)
Heinrich & Ursi Marti-Kamer, New
Alpkäse 2016 and 2015
Alp Bleiki (NW)
Paul & Agnes Barmettler, AaA since 2013
Alpkäse 2015, Bratkäse (Raclette) 2016, Buochserhorn 2016, Alp Sbrinz 2015 and 2014
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Leaving for the last time

What shall I say? We’re back down in the valley, I was leaving transhumance on Alp Mettenen for the last time. The whole summer I always thought this would become an incredible tense moment. I was afraid of it, even scared, this leaving, the finality of it. Leaving after 31 years. Luckily the last days…

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Packing up for the descent

It’s time for packing up. The days are getting shorter and shorter, the animals have left the upper meadows of Berglialp. Thanks to the great weather from mid August on the steepest slopes have been completely grazed. This guarantees that there will be fresh grass growing next spring. Packing up also means to get the fencing down,…

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Counsel, control and support

Every summer we get an extensive visit from counselor Francis Vulliemin of the L’Etivaz AOP. He provides counsel, control and support to all the 70 families that produce Alpage L’Etivaz. His visit means a close examination of the whole operation. Besides testing and tasting the cheese he inspects all the machinery, presses, thermometers, milking machine…

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