Adopt an Alp in Switzerland and support transhumance. And be rewarded with healthy Alp cheeses in the fall 2017.
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And the winners are...
Adopt an Alp, but which one? In 2017 we have 21, check them out and get to know the people, animals & cheeses.
Alp Urnerboden (UR), New
Martin&Michaela Stadelmann, new
Alpkäse 2016
Alp Trosen (SG), New
Jakob Knaus jr., Jakob sr.&Rösli Knaus
Organic Alpkäse 2016 and 2017
Alp Site (BE), New
Simon&Nadja Santschi
Berner Alpkäse AOP 2016
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The Hike of the Fighting Cows

It certainly was a spectacle for the winners of the 2016 Adopt-an-Alp contest when they arrived on Alp Obern Galm. Alp Master Clemens Wyssen and his staff had arranged to move the Fighting Cows (Ehringer, Herens) to they highest meadow and the White Lake for exactly that day. The parade of these massive cows was…

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Under the Open Sky

On July 18 the crew on Jänzimatt made the last ascent, up to the top meadows called Fontenen. There’s no stable on Fontenen, the animals are constantly under the open sky. At this time it is no problem: We have beautiful weather with pleasant temperatures. The move to Fontenen was delayed by a few days…

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Up to Oberstafel and the Highest Meadows

Just found a few minutes to write down some notes. It is moving time on Alp Heuboden. We have reached the Oberstafel and the highest meadows that go up to 5700 feet above sea level. You could feel the excitement of the cows. They know exactly what waits up there for them: Fresh, juicy pastures…

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