Adopt an Alp in Switzerland and support transhumance. And be rewarded with healthy Alp cheeses in the fall 2017.
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And the winners are...
Adopt an Alp, but which one? In 2017 we have 21, check them out and get to know the people, animals & cheeses.
Alp Urnerboden (UR), New
Martin&Michaela Stadelmann, new
Alpkäse 2016
Alp Trosen (SG), New
Jakob Knaus jr., Jakob sr.&Rösli Knaus
Organic Alpkäse 2016 and 2017
Alp Site (BE), New
Simon&Nadja Santschi
Berner Alpkäse AOP 2016
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Goats on the Run

Goats are not just excellent climbers, they are athletic throughout: Watch them run to the next meadow on Ruosalp.

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Helicopter Help

A helicopter brings wood boards up to Alpe Tompey. “It’s hard to imagine how farmers did this in ancient times when such help was not available”, says Mélanie Zjörien.

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The Restaurant as a Difference Maker

Pierrefeu is a classic example why “alpine” or “alpine-style” is the wrong term when in reference to cheese: Because the Pierrefeu Alp (meadow) is located in the Jura mountain range in the northern part of Switzerland. From there you can see the alpine range, but you’re quite a distance away. Nevertheless the Oppliger family on Pierrefeu…

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